Calgaro Rugiada Collection is a passionate hug. Long necklaces, bracelets, earrings touching lightly the body and the face, like the tender caress of a young lover. Jewels dressing the naked skin with new colours: white, black, brown, rose or light blue. And, all over this precious woven, dewdrops scattered, as moonshadows, as sapphires. Day and night, love and passion: that’s the spell of a Calgaro jewel. The clash of elements so different and distant – the silver thread and the hard metal – melting together in a perfect balance. A melody to see and to wear



Placcato or the charm of a Calgaro jewel wearing a new light, a new colour.

The silver thread is, once again, wowen and coloured and - all over this precious texture - little of silver plated in yellow or rose gold.

The gold embraces the silver jewels and turn them into a more sophisticated and exquisite version.

Yellow gold or rose gold in combination with basic colours of the wowen silver threads:

black, white, or brown. Mix and match of colours and metals as if a jewel was an outfit to wear, create and enrich with other accessories.

The sensual power of Calgaro creations is their mix of nature: a bit jewel, a bit accessory, a bit dress to wear.




A metal that looks like silk, a fabric which is actually silver. The secret of Calgaro jewels is unveiled and disclosed with all its fiery beauty in Gelosia Collection. A collection where the two different souls – the tissue and the metal – keep separate. Distant yet inseparable. The silver wire is, on one hand, a coloured texture, a strip made of light silver threads, soft to the touch; on the other hand the metal rediscovers its shining hard nature. A real paradox  - a wondeful challenge: the softness of fabric and the strength and elasticity of meta togetherl for a long-lasting embrace. An embrace where even the colours mark the difference: the silver texture is on basic colours as white, black and brown while the hard metal is in sparkling shades as gold yellow, silver and rose. An embrace of love and sensuousness, a perfect balance. Now and forever.





Moorea: far away island. This wonderful Calgaro collection is a temptation, an allure to leave for an exotic destination. Jewels as souvenirs of perfect moments, as picture postcards to wear. Jewels showing the ultimate evolution of the colored silver thread: the silver imprisoned by silver. The silver thread trasforming into a fine coloured mesh of precious metal in the heart of which a minute chain of glittering  diamond-cut silver is captured. And, all over this amazing texture, charming pearls scattered : grey as moonbeams in the version with the black silver tissue; rose as the sky at sunrise in the version with the white woven mesh. Elegant and sexy, original and refined: Calgaro jewels become irresistible accessories to daydream, over and over again.



Calgaro new silver collection is pure poetry. Asia is the name and the inspiration. A faraway and magic land where the nights are brighten by millions of shining stars and the days are full of exciting essences, bright colours and sweet sounds. The hypnotic appeal of this land becomes a story carved on the surface of these jewels: laser drawing as embroidery on a silk cloth. Long necklaces, bracelets and earrings  where, once again, the two different souls of silver meet and mix each other. On one hand the precious metal is in its natural colour, in a shine black or in a particular shade of rose, very elegant and sophisticated.



Movie is the new amazing Calgaro collection.

Inspiration from the Seventh Art for this collection that is pure creativity and fancy, illusion and charm.

Surprising combination of opposites wich melt and match creating something so different and sexy: metal and elastic, hard and flexible.

A metal - the silver- hard, shining and strenght at the core. A material -the elastic- to grasp, hold tight, twist, always returning quick and supple.

The silver and the elastic together create a flexible silver mesh turning into a necklace, or a bracelet, earring or ring.

Creations wearing the face, the neck, the wrist oe the hand as a warm texture gently caressing the silhouette, following the shape of the body of every woman.

Movie jewels are "moving art", flexible and dynamic, telling a brand new story made of magic istants as in a long picture show. 



Collezione Filamour uniti con filo d'argento e bottone